Blockchain Meets AI and Quantum Security

Our Mission

At Shoptaki, we are taking the concept of blockchain to the next level, which will revolutionize the way we handle data and harness the power of A.I. We believe that people have the right to own their data - in a future where everything is connected, streamlined, and autonomous. The belief that technology can benefit humanity, not replace it, is at the core of Shoptaki. Here at Shoptaki, our mission is to help make the world a better, more efficient, and safer place for all.

We are building Shoptaki

The smartchain that brings blockchain capabilities to global trade.

At Shoptaki, we are committed to bringing the best distributed AI solutions to simplify global transactions.

Automated KYC compliance
Compatible with legacy systems
AI-enabled fraud detection

The Obstacles to Global Trade

Blockchain in its current form is fragmented, inaccessible, and risky for global consumption

• High adoption costs due to incompatible infrastructure and complexities such gov’t regulations, security protocols, etc.

• Dissonance and misunderstanding of Blockchain capabilities

• Increased Risk of Fraud in the global market

• Non-digitized business information and process protocol

• Global B2B interactions are time-consuming and subject to inefficiency

The Smartchain As A Platform

The Shoptaki Smartchain offers a safe, efficient and global system for commercial transactions

1. Will work consistently with businesses' legacy systems

2. Leverage on genetically evolving distributed A.I. to maximize transactional advantages:

  • User and business identity profiling
  • Cost and multilateral netting optimization
  • Security and Reliability
  • International regulation compliance

3. Predictive and Prescriptive analytics (finance, medical, research, etc.)

4. Smart business processes (supply chain, payments, invoicing, etc.)

Potential Use Cases and Beyond

From Blockchain to Smartchain

Shoptaki outperforms traditional blockchains

Traditional Blockchains

Ethereum, Ripple, Hyperledger
  • Regulated
  • Slow
    Settlement reached in 1-2 hours (Bitcoin)
  • Vulnerable
    Open source code
  • Technicity
    Golang, C++, Javascript, Python, Solidity
    Multiple identities (one for each blockchain)


Smartchain as a platform
  • Easily regulated from centralized decision making
  • Fast
    Settlement reached in milliseconds K.Y.C. and Regulatory Compliance activities performed 24/7
  • Future proof security Quantum-safe Asymmetric Cryptography
  • User-friendly templates
    Smartchain templates & user-friendly UI
    A single Smartchain ID

Under the hood


The Shoptaki smartchain adapts to legacy systems and integrate into both Cloud and physical computing architecture

Consensus Fast, flexible and energy-efficient

  • The platform is engineered to facilitate consensus (actively responsive parties are rewarded).
  • Rule-based consensus with conditionally randomized validator selection.
  • Settlement can be reached in milliseconds.

Smarter processes

  • Smart contracts based on a proprietary library that can be ported to mainstream languages (Java, Python)
  • Containers instead of the Ethereum Virtual Machine for more flexibility.
  • Distributed A.I. for identity management, customer identity risk assessment, fraud detection.
  • Multi-layer transactional integrity (Quantum-safe Asymmetric Cryptography, Data Obfuscation)

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